6 Theta Binaural Beats Benefits

If you have become interested in brainwave entrainment products such as binaural beats you might have realized that there is a wide range of selection on the market. This was actually what inspired me to invent Trypnaural as a way for brainwave entrainment to be more bearable to listen to for long periods of time. Studies conducted by the Marie Curie Cancer Memorial Foundation Research Department indicate that alpha and theta waves prompt the release of endorphins which leads to improved memory, learning and feelings of euphoria.

Monaural beats are very different from binaural beats , and whilst similar in a manner to Isochronic tones also hold key differences with them too, along with a very distinct benefit mentioned further down. Binaural beats of theta waves are accompanied by the appearance of visual images that can be taken from memories or fantasies.

And based on the emails I get from subscribers to my site, these benefits aren't limited to me. I get notes from people all around the world who gush about their increased creativity, better state of mind, and overall sense of well-being. Listening to theta infused music will encourage your brain to produce fewer high frequency beta waves and more lower frequency theta waves; enabling you to calm down and reduce any anxiety you feel.

Then open your heart to the world and repeat to yourself, let me be happy, let me be calm, let me be free from suffering.” After spending some time with Happiness yourself, mentally imagine a person close to you and turn your love to him with the words: May you be happy, may you be calm, may you be free from suffering” and so on. Then go to other people, then - to those who you find difficult to communicate with and those who caused you pain.

They work as a bridge between the subconscious part of the mind (theta waves) and the conscious part of the mind (beta waves). I hope binaural beats can be a fun, useful and effective tool for you in your toolbox of life” to utilize and draw from whenever you need - both inside and outside of the float tank.

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